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Your Landscape Needs Care All Year-Round

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21 Aug

Your Landscape Needs Care All Year-Round


Your Landscape Needs Care All Year-Round

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, landscaping is beneficial to your property even when there is snow on the ground.

The temperature might be dropping, and the leaves may be falling, your grass growth slows down, too, but that doesn’t mean your property doesn’t need continued maintenance.

Throughout the winter months your property will still need regular tree care and landscape maintenance in order to ensure the health of your property in maintained to foster growth come the warmer months. Failure to provide winter landscaping can have dire consequences for the future growth, health, longevity and overall look of your property.

Winter Landscape to Spring Growth

The biggest benefit of year-round maintenance is that it is preparing your plants and trees for their springtime growth. Keeping your trees pruned in winter gives them healing time, and an opportunity to store energy so that when spring arrives they are ready to thrive. Landscape and lawns that are well-fertilized and cared for throughout the winter emerge healthier and stronger so that come spring they are more beautiful.

A professional landscape company like Eagles Landscaping can take care of your property to ensure your garden thrives.

Planting & Pruning is Easier

Winter is the dormant growing season and it is an ideal time to allow newly plants trees and flowers to recover and establish strong roots.

Pruning trees becomes easier in the winter months, too, because fallen leaves allow a better view of hidden breakages or damage that can be corrected in order to preserve tree health.

Winter offers you an opportunity to make dramatic changes to your properties value, beauty and health. It is an ideal time to add trees and plants, and calling Eagles Landscaping to take care of your winter projects is the best decision that you can make for your landscape.

Stop Pests, Weed Growth & Diseases

Tree diseases, invasive insects and weed are much less prevalent in the winter months, but it’s a misconception that they stop. They are still active and can still cause damage to your property and hurt your tree and plant health during the colder season. Without proper care during the winter months your trees, gardens, and lawns could be completely destroyed. Being proactive about your property throughout the winter months offers you the best chance of success come spring.

Bright Up Your Property This Winter

While fall brings us new shades of color in a deep contrast to summer, the entry of winter makes everything dull and gray. This can have an impact on your properties aesthetic. When the leaves of your trees are gone, and the once bright perennials dim your lawn can left looking a bit bland, and somewhat depressing.

Don’t stand by and watch! Call Eagles Landscaping, adding evergreen plants and seasonal splashes of color can brighten up even the dullest winter day.

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