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Why Landscaping Saves Money

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17 Apr

Why Landscaping Saves Money


Why Landscaping Saves Money
The summer is winding down so now is the time to evaluate your landscape. If you spent a lot of money on projects that didn’t work out, you were constantly watering and you spent countless hours, evenings and weekends caring for it and haven’t gotten anywhere then keep reading.
Using a professional landscape service saves you money in the long run. We’ll tell you why.
Trees Provide Shade
Planting trees in strategic areas around your home offers your home shade, it reduces the sun that can shine on your home and will save you a fortune on cooling your home during the summer. To achieve this: plant on the east, northwest and west sides.
It’s important to remember that your trees will need to be trimmed ahead of winter. This is to prevent falling branches from obstructing roadways, or falling into your home and causing damage.
Composting cuts down on your waste and has a number of eco-friendly benefits. Not only that but it makes your garden look great, and you don’t need to waste money buying fertilizer.
Build a Strategy
The majority of people think of what plants and flowers that they like and that’s what they plant. That is where people go wrong. A professional landscape service can recommend greenery that is right for the climate. There is no point in wasting your hard earned cash on exotic plants that will never work in Virginia. We sit down with you to work out the colors you prefer, what scents you want, and what you want to achieve with your garden and landscape. We use all of this information to create a detailed plan so that our execution exceeds all of your expectations.
When your soil is mulched properly it requires much less watering. While you can head to the garden centre and buy the bag, you can get your mulch without spending a single cent. Make your own by taking your lawnmower to piles of leaves, or check with your city to find out if they give away the remains that are mulched from fallen trees.

No one has the time to dedicate to their landscape. Hiring a landscaper doesn’t mean you can’t tinker in the garden in your downtime, it just means that you can enjoy it that much more knowing your garden is perfectly maintained and all you need to do is enjoy.
If you want to make sure your landscaping is done right, and you want to save money- then the only thing to do is contact Eagles Landscaping. We have extensive experience in landscaping and we work hard to meet your needs. Our experts can help to make your gardening dreams come true.

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